A free-to-use bitTorrent client for Windows users
Tixati v2.7
4 Mar 2020
Tixati v2.59.1
21 Dec 2016
Tixati v2.49.1
1 Jun 2016
Editorial review
Tixati v2.38.1
21 Dec 2015
Tixati v2.28.1
14 Oct 2015
Tixati v2.19.1
18 Apr 2015
Tixati v1.99
30 Aug 2012
Editorial review

What's new

v2.59.1 [21 Dec 2016]
- Fixed multiple problems with tracker connection header formatting.
- Sequencing of config file saving and overwriting is now handling orphaned temp files properly.
- Fixed problems overwriting temp config files during load error recovery.
- Download completion commands should now work correctly.
- Minor issues with peer selection have been fixed.
- Numerous other minor problems throughout the program due to an issue with a recent build-chain upgrade have been fixed.

v2.49.1 [1 Jun 2016]
Tixati v2.43 is now available. This release contains new features, performance improvements, and several fixes:
new Share sub-menu for transfer categories allows easy mirroring in Channels
upgraded DHT core, now with 50% more simultaneous searches, increased startup speed
much faster SHA1 hashing routines, providing faster file checking, lower CPU while downloading, and faster peak throughput
option in Settings > Transfers > Files for alternate polling method of watching folders for .torrent files, works with NFS/Samba drives
delete key while hovering on a recently-used location in a Transfer context menu will remove it
several optimizations to piece verification logic, resulting in lower CPU usage while downloading and higher speeds
optional Auto-Shutdown persistence after restart
optimizations in program startup routines for faster GUI loading
eliminated directory-creation errors when using Move on Complete with incomplete file naming in transfers with deep folders
fixed problems applying custom tracker headers parsed from URLs or from individual tracker options
option in Settings > Transfers > Files to allow file deletion of locally-created transfers
notification sound for channel activity can now be rate-limited in Settings > User Interface > Behavior > Notifications
several optimizations to the WebUI server to make it operate more efficiently with large numbers of transfers in list
fixed problems with copying text from chat windows
minor GUI fixes in Settings > User Interface > Behavior > Notifications window
corrected minor number formatting problems when using non-default Output Formatting settings
optimized main Settings window to load faster on systems with many thousands of fonts installed
fixed minor startup sorting and updating problems in main transfer list
problems in the transfer preload window with editable full-path locations have been fixed
minor fixes in channel synchronization routines to avoid excessive notifications for offline users
default refresh interval for mirrored transfers in Share window is now 15 minutes instead of previous 30
updated IP-location tables
numerous other minor fixes throughout the program

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